A 35-year legacy of empowering the Church to serve the most vulnerable in the Puget Sound region.

For the 35th anniversary of World Relief Seattle, we invite you to return back to World Relief’s roots with us and join us as we Rediscover Lent.

12 Months @ World Relief Seattle

These figures represent 12 months of life-changing activity at World Relief Seattle. While there are a lot of numbers here, the most important number is 1. Each life transformed and each individual empowered by the community is cause for celebration.

Donations change lives.

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From Foreign to Familiar: When you volunteer, you come alongside refugees and empower them in their new life

  • About World Relief Seattle

    World Relief Seattle is... 200+ diverse, dedicated volunteers, donors and community partners... More than 20 vibrant partner churches... 2 dozen caring, committed staff members... Over 2,000 refugees and immigrants bringing their unique gifts and stories from lands far and wide...
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  • World Relief Seattle is Now Hiring

    Interested in working with a vibrant community of refugees and immigrants? Come join our diverse team of 25+ staff...
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