These are all 10.5-month, full-time stipended service positions. Member benefits include a monthly stipend of $1,450 before taxes, basic health coverage, training and experience, a $6,095 education award issued at completion of service, forbearance for qualified student loans, payment of interest on qualified student loans in forbearance, and childcare assistance for eligible members. All of our positions start in September or October and applications are considered on a rolling basis. 

Employment team:

Job Placement Specialist (2) - Filled

Contact Santa with questions.

Health & Wellness Team:

Financial Literacy Specialist - FILLED

Contact Katie with questions.

Resiliency Team:

Community Garden Specialist - FILLED

Skills-Based ESL Specialist - FILLED

Contact Tahmina with questions

English team:

Family Literacy English Language Instructor

Pre-Literate English Language Instructor

Beginning English Language Instructor -FILLEd

Contact Megan with questions.