Refugees and Asylees often flee their homes at a moment’s notice. They arrive here with few belongings, and high hopes for the future. Welcome Kits provide the basic need items they need as they begin a new journey in our community.   You can rally your church, small group, school, workplace, etc. to host a Welcome Kit drive. 

Hold a Welcome Kit Drive for refugees and immigrants

  1.       Download the Welcome, Back to School, and Travel Kits List
  2.       Let us know about your welcome kit drive so that we can coordinate delivery to our office in Kent. Contact us here.
  3.       Print, cut, and share the copies of the kits to your group and include a date and location for when they need to be returned

More tips for a successful welcome kit drive

  • Pre-make bins with the kits taped to the outside that people can take and bring back.  It's easy to take a flyer and forget, but if you have a large plastic tub in your car, you are more likely to return it filled up.
  • Host a packing party where people bring the needed supplies and assemble them together

Other ways you can support refugees, asylees and immigrants today:

Start a Fundraiser

Give Financially