**If you are enrolled on a program or are in need of our services, you can reach us at 971-248-0611 during working hours. If you have a caseworker, please contact them directly.  If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911.**

The World Health Organization has now officially recognized the COVID-19 crisis as a pandemic, with more than 170,000 individuals already known to be affected throughout the world, and experts anticipate the numbers will continue to rise.

In times like these, many of the social distinctions that separate us are stripped away, and some are made more visible. We are quickly developing a response to meet the urgent and immediate needs of refugees and immigrants among us, and to continue to provide essential services for those newest to our community.

This page will serve as a place for us to share the most up-to-date information about our operations, events, services, and community needs.

  • Our office is closed to the public at least until May 1st. 

  • We are closely monitoring guidelines from the state about how to safely and effectively perform essential services, in-person and remotely. Our staff will be working to communicate with existing and current clients to make sure their needs are met in a way that ensures each party’s safety.

  • Family literacy class, English classes, job class, and cultural orientations are canceled until further notice. Our English teachers are actively exploring remote learning options for our students.

  • We are developing strategies to utilize help from volunteers to support and encourage those facing extra hardship. Please stay tuned for information about how you can help.

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While an office closure affects our staff and operations during an already tumultuous season, our biggest concern is for refugees and immigrants who will feel the effects even more acutely.

Already, several of our newest neighbors who had just secured their first job--a huge step toward economic resilience!--have been laid off. Schools are closing and refugee families are facing the added challenge of full-time childcare. Those who are experiencing symptoms of sickness or who are in high risk demographics will be experiencing the tangible effects of isolation. 

During this unprecedented season, we are responding to the urgent needs of the refugee and immigrant community with emergency financial assistance to address the most pressing problems. 

Your gift today will sustain vital services and meet urgent needs of our newest neighbors.

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While your role may look different in this season, you are still an essential part of the World Relief community. You can still offer your support by:

  • Writing notes of encouragement to families experiencing isolation or hardship

  • Helping with online tutoring under the guidance of one of our teachers

  • Finding interactive resources online to keep kids engaged while they are home from school.

  • Responding to urgent needs shared through World Relief Seattle's Facebook page 

  • Exploring resources for personal development in the Volunteer Toolkit and Reading List.

  • Making a special gift to sustain vital services and meet urgent needs of our newest neighbors.

If you'd like to help in any of these ways, please email our volunteer coordinator, Angela.

Additionally, donating gift cards can help families make ends meet during a difficult season: Amazon, Target, Safeway, Fred Meyer, and Dollar Tree are most helpful. You can have them sent to our office at "World Relief Seattle c/o Elijah Knepper, 841 Central Ave N Ste 106, Kent, WA 98032. If you would like a receipt for your gift card donation, please include your mailing address in a note!