This June we'll be cycling 400 miles across Washington State to raise money for refugees that are arriving to the Pacific Northwest. This journey from Seattle to Tri Cities to Spokane is sure to be difficult and rewarding, and cyclists hope that their demonstration and the money they raise will say that


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Refugees are people who have been forced to flee their home due to persecution for their race, nationality, religion, or membership in a political social group or political belief. They arrive to Washington State from all over the world with great hopes for finding a new home in safety.

Each cyclist is raising $1,760 which will allow World Relief to enroll 8 refugee job seekers on the Match Grant Employment Program.

Each donation toward a cyclists goal will be TRIPLED by a government match and then used to provide housing assistance, transportation, English language classes, job skills training, interview and resume preparation, and much more! Refugees contribute immensely to the economy and culture of welcoming cities. An investment in a refugee family's first months in America is an investment in your community.

Support your friends and neighbors on their ride!

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