Immigrants come to America for many reasons, such as to reunite with family, to secure a better future for their children, or to seek freedom that isn't guaranteed in other parts of the world. Refugees are men, women, and children forced to flee their home country due to persecution for who they are or what they believe.

In 2017, World Relief resettled 921 refugees from 25 countries into the Seattle area. These brave people leave behind everything familiar to seek safety, a life free from fear, and the chance for a new start.

Your support of newcomers as they begin a new life is an investment in a strong community. 


World Relief Seattle envisions every local refugee and immigrant welcomed by community, rooted in community, and empowered for community.

Our work is informed by the belief that every refugee and immigrant has an important place in our community. From the time of arrival to the first job to citizenship and beyond, the World Relief community is committed to serving and being served by this brave and resilient population.

History & Values

World Relief Seattle has existed since 1979 to empower the local Church to serve refugees and immigrants in the Greater Seattle Area.

Originally founded to care for those fleeing war in Southeast Asia, we have since grown to resettle refugees from almost 50 countries. We are encouraged by the many businesses, service agencies, and individuals who use their resources and ingenuity to enhance the lives of refugees throughout Western Washington.

World Relief Seattle strives to be a sustainable, holistic ministry of compassion and practical support. We look to the example of Jesus as we serve those who are suffering from injustice and poverty, regardless of color, gender, or belief. We value empowerment, cultural diversity, integrity, and mutually transformative relationship.

What we do

Refugee Resettlement Services support the basic needs of families as they begin a new life in Western Washington.

Employment Services prepare refugee job-seekers for financial self-sufficiency through job classes and job placement services.

English Classes provide an on-site space for refugees to learn job-focused English and explore American culture.

Immigrant Legal Services guide former refugees through the legal process on their way to permanent residency or citizenship.

The Immigration Detention Ministry shares the love of Christ with detained immigrants through weekend worship services at the Immigration Detention Center in Tacoma.

Resiliency and Empowerment are inherent in refugee and immigrant populations, and we see them multiplied in spaces dedicated to learning, sharing, and community.

With our commitment to the Next Generation we prepare refugee and immigrant kids for a successful school experience and long-term cognitive and socio-emotional development by working with them and their families.