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Urge biden to restore the refugee resettlement Program 


The United States has been a leader in refugee resettlement, offering a lifeline of protection for those fleeing persecution to start their lives anew in the U.S.

President Biden promised to reopen the refugee resettlement program but has thus far kept the refugee ceiling to 15,000. Because of his delay in raising the ceiling the lives of refugees and their safety still hang in the balance. We must and we will hold this administration accountable.

Raise your voice today and join us as we petition President Joe Biden to restore dignity and humanity and make the United States a welcoming country once again.

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Congress has the power to act and often make key decisions that affect people in vulnerable situations around the world and in the United States. When you speak up and contact your elected officials, they are more likely to understand and support positions that would help people we care about.

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Sample Script:

My name is [YOUR NAME]. I am your constituent from [CITY, STATE] and I am in support of the United States refugee resettlement program. [As a person of faith/a refugee/a community member], I urge you hold President Biden accountable to his promise to sign a revised Presidential Determination of 62,500 for this fiscal year. So many refugee families have been waiting for far too long for the hope of a new home. I and many other Americans are eager to welcome them into our community. Please take action immediately.


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