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Urge biden to restore the refugee resettlement Program 


The United States has been a leader in refugee resettlement, offering a lifeline of protection for those fleeing persecution to start their lives anew in the U.S. With the Biden administration committed to restoring and strengthening the resettlement program once again, it's time to act.


Days after the Biden administration took office, they committed to rebuilding the refugee resettlement program and set the presidential determination (PD) to welcome 62,500 refugees.


Yet no PD has been signed — leaving many refugees with flights already booked at risk of having those flights canceled. Cancellations have already started to occur and will continue on a day-by-day basis until a PD is signed.


We are calling on President Biden to sign the PD and honor the administration's intention to increase the refugee resttlement ceiling to 62,500 in this 2021 fiscal year. After a season where policies dismantled the U.S. asylum system and the refugee resettlement program, the refugee resettlement ceiling has been set at a historic low of 15,000 and has grave long-term implications unless change happens now.



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Sample Script:

My name is [YOUR NAME]. I am your constituent from [CITY, STATE] and I am in support of the United States refugee resettlement program. [As a person of faith/a refugee/a community member], I urge you to respect the humanity of refugees and increase refugee admissions and restore the resettlement program.

For decades we have welcomed refugee families into our communities and know they make incredible contributions to our country. And during the worst refugee crisis in history, it is vital President Biden takes immediate action to rebuild and increase refugee admissions and rescind negative and damaging refugee bans.

We must seek healing after years of hate and damage to our communities. Please do everything in your power to ensure that the refugee resettlement program is restored and the ceiling set at 62,500 this year. My community welcomes refugees, and I urge you to reflect the best of our nation by supporting refugee resettlement.


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