• If needed, install the proper child safety seats (if you need car seats or booster seats, they are available at the World Relief Office)

• Is your vehicle(s) large enough for clients and their baggage?

  -  If you need a larger vehicle, contact the client’s caseworker

• You can make a “Welcome to America” sign or we can provide signs from the World Relief Office (this helps clients identify you more easily)

  • You are encouraged to bring flowers, chocolates and bottles of water for the family when they arrive.

• Make sure you have the client’s case manager’s contact information.

• All airport arrivals will come through SeaTac Airport

• Check the flight status before you leave!

  - Flights are subject to delays, cancelations, or may be arriving early. You can go to the airline’s website or call to check the status

Make sure you are at the airport at least 20 minutes before their arrival



•  We all park on Level 4: Direct Terminal Access of the parking structure across the sky bridges and meet up in the baggage claim area designated by their flight number and airline.

- Refugees will be carrying a white or blue plastic bag with "I.O.M" printed on them. This will help you identify them.

• Be very welcoming! 

• Do not be discouraged if they are not excited to see you. They have been traveling for many hours, possibly days, and are expected to be jetlagged and exhausted

• After greeting the refugee(s), take them to baggage claim and pick up any checked baggage. If the baggage is not there go to the airlines baggage attendant and place a lost baggage claim


• If they are going to their own home give them a small tour around the home and do your best to communicate the basics:

     o How to use the shower and toilet

     o Where to store clothes

     o Where items such as towels, dishes, and utensils are

     o How to change the temperature in the apartment

     o How to work the stove, oven, and other kitchen appliances

     o Depending on their knowledge, they may need to be shown how to use the faucets 

     o How to lock/unlock the doors

Note: every case is different, so feel out how much detail you need to go into

• Do your best to answer any questions they have

• There will be pre-made food for them to eat when they arrive

     o If they are arriving at their own home, the food may be in the refrigerator. If for some reason the food is not there, please contact the case manager

     o If they are going to the home of a family or community member, they will be the ones to feed them

     o If they want to eat right away and they invite you, you may share the meal with them. We encourage you to join them if they offer