Some of the best markers for a newcomers success is their English acquisition and community support.  Our Barista Training Program provides new refugees and vulnerable immigrants help increasing both of these important assets.  Sited in local church coffee shops, refugee and immigrant participants improve their English, practice customer service skills, and build relationships with local volunteers.  Graduates of the program are not guaranteed a barista job upon completion, but many have become employed as baristas at local coffee shops including at Starbucks after completing the program. 

Program Description: 

  • A 12 week course
    • 1 Sunday per week
  • 1 or 2 refugee/immigrant participants per church coffee shop
  • Topical curriculum: customer service, cashier skills, drink making, etc.
  • English practice time
  • Training and support for volunteers

If your church is interested in launching a refugee and immigrant Barista Training Program, please email