May 18, 2018

The following is a reflection by Beth Watkins, World Relief Seattle Resettlement Intern.

I’ve thought a great deal about my hometown lately.

Being a fairly recent Seattle transplant, perhaps it’s simply homesickness finally kicking in. Perhaps the stark differences in landscape, the lack of familiar faces, and the infamous “Seattle freeze” are finally beginning to wear on me. Whatever the reason, home has been on my mind.

April 26, 2018



Scott Ellis




April 26, 2018

December 8, 2017

A year after arriving to the U.S., William found himself riding a bicycle up the steep roads of Mt. Rainier.  It was the beginning of a 400 mile journey he was taking to help other refugees like himself.  Years before, William and his younger sister and their aunt fled ethnic conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  They had fled to Uganda, but living as refugees was not a permanent solution for the small family. In Uganda, William studied English and looked for the little work that was available; the family waited.  They were waiting for a chance to move to Seattle and a new start.

November 30, 2017


The following was written by Jacob Carter - World Relief Seattle Caseworker

I first met Basiliyous, Hiwot, and their kids when I picked them up from SeaTac Airport.

I anxiously waited outside the gate with their friends, hoping this Ethiopian family of six made it through without any problems.

Right when I saw them, I knew instantly this would be a family I would come to know and love.

They exuded kindness and love. They warmly greeted me, with big smiles and firm handshakes.

August 8, 2017


Santa Pradhan and her family fled persecution in their homeland of Bhutan in 1992.  In 2009, they left the refugee camp in Nepal and made their way to Washington State.  Now on staff at World Relief, Santa reflects on her journey to becoming a U.S. citizen.


Do you remember the day that you’re got your citizenship?

Yes, it was on October 10, 2014. It was happiest day of my life.

Can you describe what that day looked like?