Every December, we invite you to participate in our annual 12 Days of Christmas Giving for Refugees, Asylees and Immigrants. Each day between the 1st and the 12th, we will be highlighting a different item that you can purchase and have shipped to a family via our office. These items range from Soccer Balls to Laptops and they will go a long way in making Seattle feel not just like another place families have fled to, but that this is now home and they are loved and welcomed by the local community here. 

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Warm socks:

At the Northwest Immigration Detention Center in Tacoma, our volunteers welcome immigrants when they get released.  Most step out wearing the clothes that they came in with, which may have been months or years before. A warm pair of socks is essential in the winter months. 


Soccer Balls:

Last year we partnered with Soccer Without Borders and Kent YoungLife to host a youth soccer camp for dozens of refugee youth.  Next Summer's will be even bigger and with your help have some really cool soccer balls for the kids.


Twin Sheet and Comforter Set:

As the weather gets colder, we are asking for twin bedding. Twin mattresses, box springs, bed frames, blankets, and sheets are one of our largest needs each year.  Last year we had 757 individuals arrive and we set up almost as many beds for all of them.


Cookware Set:

A new set of pots and pans will welcome families into their new kitchen as they prepare meals that are nourishing and familiar.


Diapers…Size 3 and 4:

A new baby brings joy and happiness to a family and a lot of new expenses too. When we sit down with families and go over monthly budgets, diapers always pop up as a huge expense that parents worry how to afford.


Bed Frames:

We admit it. There is nothing very exciting about twin bed frames. But these are some of the hardest things for us to find in large quantities at an affordable price for families. 


Baby Strollers:

Kids grow quickly and just like with the diapers, we have two different sizes of baby strollers on the registry. With most of the items on the list we also take the gently used version and if you have an old stroller that you would like to donate to a family please fill out our donations form here


Gift cards:

The Safeway, Starbucks and Amazon gift cards give our participants flexibiilty to choose the things they want for their homes and lives.  Practicing English at Starbucks or buying their own preferred shampoo are empowering acts for newcomers.


Infant and Child Car Seats:

Car seats are a necessary part of modern life and the transportation of newborns and young children. They are also to put it mildly, very expensive. Like diapers, strollers and clothing kids also grow out of them very quickly, which is whey we have added a few different sizes to our wish list.



Bikes for kids are fun and a great way to get exercise, but for adults bicycles are sometimes a necessity. Many refugees get jobs that are far from where they live and buses don't always run during their commute. A bike is a great way for them to travel home from work or the bus terminal before they get their first car.  P.S. We also have a helmet on the list too. Safety first!


Cell Phones:

Often the first thing that people want to do when they step off the plane or exit the Detention Center is let their loved ones back home know they have made it safe.  Having a working cell phone is a necessity not just for these special moments, but also for the daily tasks of modern life in Seattle.



A computer goes a long way in helping someone become self-sufficient here in the U.S. Kids can use it to do homework. Parents can use it to look for employment. The whole family can use it to communicate with relatives back in their home country.


We will be using an Amazon baby registry where you can purchase the items and have them shipped directly to our office. If you already have a gently used version of the same item we are more than happy to accept those as well.  Let us know what used items you have to donate here.