Ride 100 miles on World Refugee Day

Refugees and asylees are forced to flee their homes due to persecution for who they are or what they believe. As they bravely start a new life in Washington State, they are working hard to achieve self-sufficiency: to get jobs and become established in a new community.

During an extraordinary global crisis, newcomers like these are in an especially vulnerable situation. Dozens of newcomers who had secured their all-important first job have been laid off. Cyclists across Washington are joining in a demonstration of support to say that we welcome refugees, we believe in their resiliency, and we are in this together.

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How does it work?

Cyclists can commit to the challenge and open their fundraising page by registering here. The funds they raised will be TRIPLED by a government match, and then used to provide housing assistance, transportation, English language classes, job skills training, interview & resume preparation, and emergency relief for those hit hardest by COVID-19. Because we don't know yet what public health recommendations for gatherings will be in June, each cyclist will determine their own route and logistics. We’ll share about everyone’s progress during the day and collect selfies and videos of riders supporting refugee resiliency all around Washington (and perhaps beyond!)

So is the century ride supported, or...?

This is a self-guided, self-supported ride. We are going to explore ways that we can provide some in-person support or celebrations that would be logistically feasible and comply with CDC and Washington State recommendations, but we are not planning an in-person event at this time.

How do I plan a 100 mile ride?

You can join another organized event (on or around World Refugee Day), connect and make plans with other WRD cyclists, explore routes and segments on popular apps like Strava or Ride With GPS, or even complete your century on a smart trainer! We can't wait to hear about what you have planned. We will also share route ideas and training suggestions by email on occasion.

What am I fundraising for?

Funds raised will be matched two-to-one and will help refugee and asylee families who are putting down roots in Washington State this year. These folks are in especially precarious situations right now and we are continuing to meet urgent and emerging needs for families as they work toward self-sufficiency. Refugees and asylees already face enormous barriers in starting a new life, and now they are facing the additional challenges of layoffs, school closures, and isolation. We've seen dozens of workers laid off or furloughed during the last few weeks. The World Relief community continues to be the first line of support for vulnerable immigrants and we are responding quickly and creatively. Stepping up to this cycling and fundraising challenge is one of the best ways that people across Washington can show support...from a socially responsible distance!

Is there a minimum fundraising goal?

Nope! However, if you meet certain goals, you will qualify for some sweet fundraising prizes:

  • $1,000 or more gets you a "We Welcome Refugees" jersey to wear on World Refugee Day (and a "We Welcome Refugees" bumper sticker to sport other days)
  • $1,500 or more gets you the Advocate Bundle including the 2019 edition of Welcoming the Stranger, a tote from our community garden in Kent, a set of greeting cards featuring artwork by our refugee kids and some other goodies.
  • $2,500 or more gets you When You Can’t Go Home: Portraits of Refugees in the Pacific Northwest by Karisa Keasey

I'm not from Seattle and want to support local efforts in Tri-Cities or Spokane. Is this a Seattle ride?

The World Refugee Day Century is a state-wide fundraising event and is made possible by the efforts of staff and volunteers at each of the 3 Washington offices. In the interest of frugality and efficiency, the website, fundraising platform, and logistical oversight are hosted by the Seattle office, but funds raised benefit refugees and asylees in each of the 3 regions in Washington.

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