World Relief Seattle is the story of extraordinary people journeying together to forge new beginnings in the face of extraordinary hardship and loss. It is the story of the Church at work standing for the most vulnerable, the story of people displaced by persecution rebuilding their lives in safety, and the story of those who accompany them on the journey.



World Relief Seattle speakers are available to come and present on God’s heart for refugees and immigrants, current refugee issues, and the response of the Church to newcomers in our community. If you have an idea or an event in mind, request a speaker!

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Reading and Study: Individuals and small groups can dive deeper into refugee and immigrant issues through this recommended reading list. 


I Was a Stranger Challenge: As an individual, church or small group, set aside forty days to seek God’s heart for immigrants through the study of Scripture and prayer.

"I Was a Stranger" Challenge

Refugee Project: An immersion experience where groups walk in the shoes of refugees through a simulation of the refugee experience.



Special Prayer for Refugees and Immigrants Include a special time of prayer in your service to ask God’s blessings on refugees and immigrants living in our community, those who serve them, and to ask God’s guidance in how your congregation should be involved in the lives of these vulnerable neighbors.


Volunteer Newly arriving refugees and immigrants need friends and companions to help them integrate into the community. There are lots of ways to serve newcomers as an individual, family, small group, or congregation!




Collect Items to Welcome New Neighbors As a refugee resettlement agency, World Relief welcomes new neighbors to our community with a fully furnished apartment.  There are many types of items which a congregation can collect that will show hospitality and help meet the most immediate needs of our newest neighbors.

Furnish a home for a refugee

Host a Refugee Sunday at your church. Refugee Sunday is a practical way for your church to stand with refugees and the displaced. Take the next step in making a significant impact on this unprecedented crisis. Click Here to learn how to host one at your church.

Host a refugee Sunday


Special Offering for World Relief Seattle Every year, World Relief Seattle ministers to hundreds and hundreds of immigrants and refugees Every dollar donated to World Relief Seattle is leveraged to provide much needed services for refugees and immigrants in the Puget Sound region. 


“I see little glimpses of God’s kingdom watching people help one another by extending small kindnesses and in the joyful moments of sharing life together.”

-Alison, World Relief Seattle Volunteer


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