This page exists to provide helpful information to Good Neighbor Teams and cultural companions.

When it comes to employment, the role of a Good Neighbor Team is to enroll the adults in the family on an employment program and to help them with résumés and job applications. As friends of the new family, the team can provide moral support as the family may initially have to take low skill, low wage jobs with difficult conditions or non-ideal hours. The Good Neighbor Team and their network can provide valuable leads to find appropriate jobs. 

Cultural Companions are not expected to help their refugee friends to find a job. However, World Relief's employment team has identified ways for Cultural Companions (and Good Neighbor Teams) to support their families with employment preparation:

Set up email accounts

o    If someone does not have an email, help them to set up an account (and demonstrate how to use it).  This will enable them to communicate with potential employers. 

Become email Pen Pals

o    Practice email communication

o    Practice grammar, punctuation, etc.

o    Practice email etiquette

Set up voicemail boxes

o    Many refugees do not set up voicemail, which is an important tool for effective communication with managers, World Relief's employment team, and yourself.

Practice Interview Questions
Look for work online

o    Discuss Monster vs Craigslist

o    Explain the possibility of employment-based scams

o    Commission based jobs

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