English Language Training

World Relief US

Refugees arriving in the U.S. come with a wide variety of educational and linguistic backgrounds.  Some have no formal educational experience and come eager to learn basics like how to use a pencil and introduce themselves in English.  Others come with a high level of English and are able to assist with translation in our office. No matter their level, all refugees come with aspirations to understand and be understood in their new American context. They are ready to use their unique abilities and talents to build upon the skills they bring to America.

The English as a Second Language (ESL) classroom is on the front lines of World Relief Seattle’s vision of refugees achieving self-sufficiency.

Refugees who attend our classes gain vital English skills, while having fun learning about a wide variety of topics. One class session might orient students with American systems of measurement. Another could focus on basic first aid.  In yet another, refugees might do mock job interviews. Through these and other activities, refugees move toward self-sufficiency and into closer friendships with their classmates and volunteers.
World Relief Seattle holds ESL classes three times daily, Monday through Thursday during daytime hours. An average of 70 refugees attend each day. We are therefore always pleased to receive ESL assistants, guest speakers and home tutors who desire to build relationships, serve as cultural guides and support language learning for life and work.
For more information on volunteering, see our ESL Tutor/Classroom Assistant Volunteer Position Description.
Feel free to come and observe one of our classes to see if it might be a good fit for you!
To arrange a visit, or for more information about ESL volunteering, contact us at: 253-277-1121.