Refugees arriving in the U.S. come with a wide variety of educational and linguistic backgrounds.  Some have no formal educational experience and come eager to learn basics like how to use a pencil and introduce themselves in English.  Others come with a high level of English and are able to assist with translation in our office. No matter their level, all refugees come with aspirations to understand and be understood in their new American context. They are ready to use their unique abilities and talents to build upon the skills they bring to America.

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Our goal is to partner with language learners, building their confidence in English communication and empowering them to function and thrive in their new American context.

The English program strives to create a community-oriented classroom that offers a safe space to learn, while also providing appropriate challenges to help each participant learn English as fast as possible. The class rotates through a series of ten two-week units focusing on practical communication skills within each topic.

Attendance can be difficult for the first few months as participants attend to necessary appointments such as going to the doctor and signing up for social security. With these challenges in mind, our English curriculum has been specifically designed so that students can come and go at any time. Our hope is that during their initial adjustment period, participants can find community with classmates, volunteers, and teachers while acquiring the communication skills to thrive in America.

For more information on volunteering, see our ESL Tutor/Classroom Assistant Volunteer Position Description.


Are you a refugee or asylee interested in improving your English? World Relief may be able to help you. Call 253-277-1121 or come to our office in Kent.

Parents with young children can register for Family Literacy Class here.