Whether you are serving as a Cultural Companion, opening your doors as a Host Home, or volunteering in a church based ESL class, being able to communicate with your new refugee friend is an important component of coming alongside them in their journey. But what if your new friend has no prior English knowledge, and you don’t speak their first language?

Below is our ESL Resource Packet and other websites/documents designed to help volunteers who are interested in providing effective ESL tutoring for their refugee friend. You will find activities, book recommendations, useful articles, and online resources that can be used to develop meaningful and effective one-on-one ESL lessons.

Resources List:

  • Duolingo - This is a free online language learning site and mobile app.  Great for beginners learning English.  You can help your refugee friend set it up on their computer or smart phone.  They have English for Arabic, Ukrainian and French Speakers.

  • Online ESL Games - Appropriate for all ages and skill levels, this site also provides printable games for classroom use.

  • Quizlet -  Free online resource that allows you to make flashcards and play games.

  • Below are some documents with some tools and strategies that may help you work with students in the home.