We belong: A 40th anniversary Gala

World Relief is pleased to announce a Fall 2019 Gala celebrating 40 years of building community among newcomers to the Seattle area.

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Saturday, October 26th, 2019
Marriott Hotel in Bellevue
Experience, Dinner, Reception, & Auction
Cocktail attire | Valet parking $15 | Check in begins at 5pm

welcomed, rooted, empowered

World Relief Seattle opened its doors to the first wave of refugees from Southeast Asia in 1979. 40 years later, thousands of people have had their lives changed: both by being welcomed and by opening their homes and lives to welcome others.

The refugees and immigrants we've served over the years display incredible resilience as they take difficult jobs, learn a new language & culture, and even navigate the citizenship process--all to put down roots so that they and their children will thrive. Your generosity makes this possible.

While building a future for themselves and with your partnership, these families have also been empowered to give back. Our communities are enriched by new cultures, new ideas, new businesses, and new leaders. Having been shown incredible hospitality in a time of need, each of them--each of us--turns and extends hospitality to others.

Join us this October as we celebrate four decades of refugee resettlement in the Seattle area and look toward an exciting future. 

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