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Paradise Parking Plots exists to improve food access, build community, and foster economic independence among the refugee and immigrant community in South King County. It's a place to grow delicious and healthy food, but it's also much more!

Several garden beds in a row. Each bed is lined with cement blocks and full of bright green foliage. One bed has a structure made of curved white pipes. The sky is white and there are some dark brown trees in the background.

Garden Beds

44 in-ground and 6 above-ground garden beds allow refugee and immigrant gardeners to freely plant food that often reminds them of home.


Three large black tanks sit on a cement pad in front of a wall made of large rocks. There is a tree in the background.


With the help of 4 cisterns, up to 16,000 gallons of rainwater can be stored at Paradise Parking Plots.


Two children wearing masks and sun hats point to the corner of a large brown box full of dirt. A woman wearing a mask stands near them. There are evergreen trees in the background and a white, cloudy sky

Composting Systems

Three methods of composting makes the Paradise Parking Plots less reliant and more resilient.


A wide view of part of the garden covered in wood chips. A blue canopy tent and a shipping container are in the background. There is a wooden plank path over the open area. In the foreground are several dozen small plants in black plastic pots surrounded by a square of white chalk outlines

Rain Gardens

Paradise Parking Plots Community Garden is home to five rain gardens.

Several young adults are standing near a large oval metal tub. The tub is half full of logs and two of the people have shovels. There are some white bags on the ground near them that say 'X-CEL FEED'.

Hugelkultur Bins

The first installment at Paradise Parking Plots demonstrated an organic growing technique and engaged the community during the initial phases of the garden.

A composite image of a satellite photo and hand-drawn illustration. About 20 garden beds are viewed from above, each with grey borders and bright green folliage. the garden beds are surrounded by drawings of a small body of water, trees, bushes, and other small colorful details. There are numerals labeling parts of the illustration from 1-15, but there is no key.

Bioswale & Food Forest

Upon completion, this space will grow food and mitigate annual flooding.


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