Host Home Guide

Purpose:  World Relief matches newly-arrived refugees with local Host Homes that can assist the family in learning English, adjusting to American culture, and preparing them for self-sufficiency.


  • Host new refugee families in your home for 1 - 20 days immediately following their arrival at SeaTac Airport.
  • Provide meals for the refugee family and help them cook for themselves alongside your family while staying with you.
  • Begin basic cultural orientation in your home (appliances, cooking, cleaning, etc).
  • Communicate consistently with Volunteer Coordinator (and Case Worker) about refugee needs.

Extra opportunities:

  • Continue Cultural Orientation through short outings such as: grocery store(s), bus rides, post office, library, thrift store, downtown or neighborhood sight-seeing and/or parks.
  • Assist case worker in providing transportation to medical, Social Security, DSHS, Department of Licensing, and Public Health appointments.
  • Facilitate “donation procurement” from your church or neighborhood community, on behalf of refugee family.  Gather/sort basic items for family’s first apartment or NW climate. (See, under “donations” for sample list, or request more info).


  • Flexibility
  • Willingness to share your home with people of other cultures and religions
  • Passing Federal Background Check
  • If transporting: Washington State driver’s license, driving record check, and insured vehicle

The first step to volunteering is to visit our Events page to find out when and where the next volunteer training will be and RSVP to attend.  At the training you will learn about World Relief's work, the refugees and immigrants we serve, and what it looks like to come alongside them as volunteers in different roles.  After attending the training, all volunteers must complete an application and background checks before starting.