Assisting immigrants and former refugees to obtain residency or citizenship is a great privilege, and often represents the culmination of their effort to establish a new life and a new home.

World Relief Seattle offers immigration legal services to assist refugees and immigrants in navigating the complex immigration system, helping to obtain proper documentation and reunite family members. We currently employ one Department of Justice (formerly BIA) accredited staff who is authorized to assist participants with immigration documents and appear before an immigration judge.

Refugees can apply to be a legal permanent resident (green card) after 1 year, and can apply for citizenship after 5 years. Citizenship opens new Americans up to rights, privileges, and services previously inaccessible, and allows them to become informed, contributing members of their communities. 

There are currently many legal service providers in Seattle, yet we have found these resources very limited in South King County. World Relief Seattle is actively developing a plan to expand immigration legal services as we continue to walk alongside newcomers as they settle in the United States.

Are you an immigrant or former refugee in need of legal services?

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We also offer assistance with other immigration forms, such as: Adjustment of Status, Replacement of Green Card, Employment Authorization, Refugee travel passport, Children Citizenship, Petition to remove conditional residency.