“I can honestly say I’ve never done something so rewarding. I left knowing I had a lot to learn, but also feeling capable of doing anything I set my mind to. The relationships I made and the encounters with God I had along the way I will treasure for the rest of my life.”
–Hannah, former intern

The purpose of the Refugee Resettlement Internship Program is to prepare young people for cross-cultural service by immersing them in the field of refugee and asylee resettlement. Interns are essential to our ministry, volunteering in hands-on ways such as accompanying refugees and asylees on important appointments, setting up apartments for new arrivals, and assisting in ESL classes.

World Relief interns have the opportunity to gain professional casework skills, build meaningful relationships, and learn about local and global refugee issues, both through direct-service to refugees and ongoing trainings and debriefing sessions.

The Refugee Resettlement Internship is a competitive program that has accepted students and recent graduates from universities across the United States. We select applicants from all fields of study who demonstrate excellence in service and learning, and a desire to serve through working with newcomer communities. Internship alumni have gone on to diverse fields such as international development, education, local politics, and, of course, refugee resettlement work.

Health and Wellness Program Internship

Legal Internship

Refugee Resettlement Internship

Detention Center Post-Release Internship

Next Gen Youth Programs Internship

For more information and to request an application, contact Laurel Tallent.