Why log hours?

Your volunteer hours help fund refugee resettlement resources!

Through a government matching grant, volunteer hours are worth up to $27.20 per hour. Those funds are funneled back into our early employment program to help newcomers find jobs in their new community in western Washington. When you log your hours each time you volunteer, it truly makes a difference.

Step 1: Sign up for 'Track it Forward'

  1. Click here to begin registration.

  2. Enter your information

  3. Click Sign Up

  4. Optional: Download the app to track from your phone. You must first register in Track It Forward before you can use the app.

Step 2: Log hours

Log in to Track It Forward or open the app. Fill out the appropriate fields for your volunteer position.

These are the fields you need to fill out:

  1. Hours: How much time did you spend volunteering? 

  2. Date: Date volunteered

  3. Activity: Refer to the table below and use the TIF activity code listed next to your volunteer role. If your role isn't listed, check with the Volunteer Coordinator.

  4. Mileage: Only log miles driven with a client (i.e. driving someone to your home after picking them up from the Detention Center). Do not log miles to or from the volunteer opportunity if you are not driving a client.

  5. Notes: Include the following information for every submission to ensure your hours will count for a match:

    • First and last name of who you worked with

    • What you did -- include examples of learning English and exploring community resources if using ESL tutoring or Community Orientation activity types.

    • Donations -- estimated value of any donated items (e.g. classroom supplies, $25)





 Volunteer role

Activity Code in

Track It Forward

Notes Example

ESL Tutoring & Family Literacy

ESL Tutoring

  • Reviewed grocery store list and new food names with Tatiana
  • Practiced activity and reviewed assignment from English class lesson with Sasha

Next Gen Family Support

Youth Education


  • Helped siblings Brahim, Soufiane, Farah, and Lena with homework, played new numbers game, and chatted with mom about school supply needs
Summer Camp

Youth Education

  • Assisted with leading group activity during Week 1 of Summer Camp
  • Chaperoned Friday field trip to Point Defiance Zoo

Refugee Youth Mentor Program

Youth Mentoring

  • Worked with Abdul on resume writing and requesting letters of recommendation from professors

Post-Release Welcome RV

Client Care

  • Welcomed and greeted detainees released from the detention center, passed out water and snacks
  • Contacted detainee's family members, helped book flights for next weekend

Post-Release Transportation

Client Care

  • Drove Igor to the airport
  • Drove Fatima to host home

Post-Release Weekend Host Team (church group)

Client Care

  • Helped Alberto check-in to hotel, printed out flight tickets, and drove to bus station the next morning

Post-Release On-Call Host Home

Client Care

  • Picked Nikita & Ana up from the Welcome RV on Friday evening, gave them a tour of the home, shared dinner and helped them contact their family in California
  • Drove Nikita & Ana to the airport on Monday morning

Host Home (not connected to Post-Release)

ESL Tutoring (inside home)


Community Orientation (outside home)

  • Gave home tour to Shevchenko Family, shared dinner, practiced English names for household items and labeled kitchen items in English and Ukrainian


  • Took the bus to the grocery store and helped Mikola & Lida Shevchenko activate EBT card

Cultural Companion

ESL Tutoring (virtual)


Community Orientation (outside home)

  • Practiced English greetings with Ahmed and talked about cultural norms in Afghanistan vs. U.S.


  • Showed Alejandro how to use an Orca card and practiced taking the bus from his home to the WR office

Digital Literacy Tutoring

Tech Support

  • Worked with Sergey and Pavlo to set up new laptops and navigate basic features of Windows 10

Special Event

Special Event

  • Helped pass out food vouchers at Hillside Church


Stuffing mailings/

Christmas cards

Sorting donations

Assembling welcome kits

Office Help

  • Helped stuff 500 envelopes with Executive Summary mailing 

  • Addressed 300 Christmas cards

  • Sorted clothes donations according to size

  • Assembled welcome kits with church group after morning service




Need some extra help? Check out the tutorial video for visual step-by-step instructions.