Why log hours?

Your volunteer hours are worth money!

Through a government grant, some volunteer hours are worth up to $24.69 per hour. Those funds are funneled back into our early employment program to help immigrants find jobs in their new community in western Washington.

Step 1: Sign up for 'Track it Forward'

  1. Click here to begin registration.
  2. Enter your information
  3. Click Sign Up
  4. Optional: Download the app to track from your phone. You must first register in Track It Forward before you can use the app.

Step 2: Log hours

These are the fields you need to fill out:

  1. Log in to Track It Forward or open the app. Fill out the appropriate fields for your volunteer position.
  2. Hours: how much time did you spend volunteering? 
  3. Date: Date volunteered
  4. Activity: Choose the activity that fits with your volunteer role below. If your role isn't listed, choose an activity that best fits your volunteer activity.


Volunteer role
Notes example
Cultural Companion
ESL tutoring (inside home)
Cultural Orientation (events)
Met with Mohammad Wali to practice English and learned words for different foods.
Went to the library with Samira Azizi helped her get a library card. 
ESL Class Assistant
ESL Class
Helped in the morning ESL class. Donated 5 boxes of pencils and pens ($20)
Front Desk 
Administrative Help
Helped at the front desk and updated the resource binder
Employment Volunteer
ESL tutoring
Helped Ban Le make a resume
Host Home
ESL tutoring (inside home)
Cultural orientation (events)
Home tour with Moses Tekle and family. Labeled kitchen items in English and Amharic.
Took the bus to the grocery store and helped Tekle family activate EBT card. 
Youth Programs
ESL tutoring (homework groups)
Cultural Orientation (youth camp)
Helped kids with homework at Mill Creek School 
Assistant coach at summer soccer camp


5. Mileage: only log miles driven while volunteering. Do not log miles to or from your home unless the participant is with you.
6. Notes: Please include the following information for every submission to ensure your hours will count for a match!


  • Participant's name (first & last)

  • What you did -- include examples of learning English and exploring community resources if using ESL tutoring or Community Orientation activity types.

  • Donations -- estimated value of any donated items (e.g. classroom supplies)


Need some extra help? Check out the tutorial video for visual step-by-step instructions.