Sooner or later you may realize that you need to set some boundaries on your time together with your new friends, on when to say no, etc.  A couple of things to remember:

·         It is okay to say “no.”

·         As a rule, World Relief strongly suggests that you not give money to refugees.  In part, this is because the goal in our resettlement process is to help the refugees toward self-sufficiency.  Paying for everything and giving them money whenever they ask for it does not help your partner to achieve this goal.  Further, giving money can complicate and distort your relationship, making it difficult to maintain a truly mutual friendship.

·         You are not expected to meet all of the needs of your refugee friends.  Be realistic about the times that you set up to meet with him or her.  Your commitment to volunteering will be a part of your life, and will involve a regular time commitment.  But it should not force you to neglect time with family, other friends, and your other commitments.