A simulation event that will transform your group into refugees, escaping for your lives.

Separated into “families” from various countries and transformed by ethnic clothing, groups must memorize their biographies before visiting simulated US Department of State, a refugee feeding station, and a medical screening clinic. Families must pass interviews at each of these stations in order to “escape to freedom.”

The Refugee Project simulation usually takes 2-3 hours, is best experienced in groups of 20-35 people, and will provide experiential learning suitable for high school or college-aged youth and adults. For more information about scheduling a Refugee Project for your group, use the contact form below or call us at (253) 277-1121.

“The entire Refugee Project was transformational and challenging to our students on a variety of levels.” 

–Tali Hariston, Dir. of the John Perkins Center

“Experiential learning at its finest.” 

–Bob Lapsley, Lakeside School

If you are interested in a learning experience for your group and the Refugee Simulation Project is not quite right for you, or if you have another idea or event in mind, request a speaker here.

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