World Relief Seattle strives to place refugee families into long-term housing, in the form of fully-furnished apartments at the time of arrival. Sometimes these apartments are not immediately available, and many newcomers need temporary housing. This need, coupled with a vision for stronger cross-cultural community in Kent, is where the vision for the Home was born.

Currently, the Refugee Welcome Home is being funded by 3 local churches and is facilitated by a volunteer family in one of the local apartment complexes. The apartment is accessible on foot by an estimated 250 current and former refugees, providing an ideal context for incarnational ministry.


How to volunteer or host recurring relational outreach engagements with refugees at the World Relief Refugee Welcome Home (RWH).

Step 1: Become an official and vetted World Relief volunteer
  • Fill out an application and pass a background check

    • Available from World Relief’s Volunteer Coordinator - Scott Ellis or 253-277-1121
  • Attend a Volunteer Training: upcoming trainings listed at

Step 2: Join an ongoing relational engagement opportunity or propose a new outreach activity that you will host

  • Projects may include:

    • English lessons and talk times
    • Computer clubs and youth homework help
    • Women’s activity clubs
    • Employment search help

Step 3: Get introduced to a key refugee person or group who would attend the relational outreach activity and invite others to attend

  • Invite them to participate in leading the group with you
  • Sharing contact information
  • Schedule first group meeting at the RWH with the refugee partner and Refugee Welcome Home facilitators via