The presidential administration recently lowered the number of refugees allowed to resettle in the U.S. by more than half. This decision strips away funding for World Relief Seattle's vital refugee resettlement services, including casework and housingEnglish language training, employment services, and citizenship assistance.

While governmental policy may change, our commitment to standing alongside the persecuted, displaced, and vulnerable remains firm.

Refugees need your help now.



The Trump administration’s temporary ban on refugee admissions to the U.S. will have very real consequences for thousands of vulnerable people waiting to arrive to the country. The Turfa family from Iraq is one of those fortunate enough to have arrived before the ban, but many others are now being turned back. Read the Turfa family's story here.

Continue to Welcome Refugees

Welcoming refugees is a strong American tradition, and refugees bring cultural vibrancy, family values, and economic vitality to the communities where they are welcomed. You can make a difference by making your voice heard. Join the bi-partisan campaign to let our leaders know that we welcome refugees.



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