Is this a ride or a race?

 SEA-TRI-KAN is a non-competetive, recreational, fundraising ride. We expect to ride in groups and meet at rest stops and at overnight stops. Half the fun will be getting to know fellow riders over breakfast in the morning, encouraging each other up the hills, and stretching sore muscles at night. It is very doable for casual riders who are willing to put in some spring training. We've even prepared a suggested training plan for you!

So are we riding on the freeway, or...? 

The route will mostly be on country roads through some very beautiful scenery. Occasionally we'll be on paved bike trails, but mostly we'll be on low-traffic roads or wide shoulders. We'll never ride on the freeway. Check out more detailed route info above!

How many riders will be there? 

We are capping registration at 40 riders. Sign up now to secure your spot!

Can my husband/mother/girlfriend/dog/neighbour/stepchild/pet ride along in the support car? 

We do not have additional vehicle space for non-riders and lodging/food will not be available for them. However, the specifics of the route and rest stops will be made available to riders and we will not discourage any loved ones from meeting up to cheer them on! Additionally, we use volunteers for vehicle support, bike maintenance, and rest stops. If someone is interested in volunteering, contact Caitlin for more information

Where will we be staying? Can I have a shower every day? 

The team will stay in a variety of pre-arranged places, and we expect to have access to showers every night. They will all be indoors and might include air-mattresses at churches, home-stays, and shared motel rooms.

What will the food be like? 

All snacks and meals are included and will be donated or prepared by volunteers at rest stops and overnight locations. We'll ensure that each meal is healthy, calorie-rich, and electrolyte-boosting so we're all performing our best! Please let us know when you register if you have any dietary restrictions.

How do I get home? 

We will start the ride in the afternoon of June 21st, so staying in Seattle the night before is not required. Transportation will be provided to return riders and bikes to Seattle or Tri-Cities on the evening of the 25th.

What gear do I need? 

Riders need to bring their own helmet and bike equipped with road lights (preferably a well-maintained road bike) and water bottles. Most roadside maintenance equipment and tools will be provided when needed, but you are welcome to bring your own basic repair items if you have them. If you anticipate needing very specific parts or if your bike has unusual features or needs, please pack accordingly. Support vehicles will carry rider baggage and food. Check back in for a complete packing list.

Are helmet's required? 

YES. Not only do most Washington city/county laws require all cyclists to wear helmets, but we care a lot about your head! Safety first!

What does the registration fee cover? 

Registration covers all the expenses of the ride including meals and snacks, lodging, support vehicles, roadside bike maintenance/repair, transportation home (to Seattle or Tri Cities), an STK jersey, and scholarship for refugee riders. You can start fundraising as soon as the registration deposit is received by World Relief. Your registration fee is non-refundable and partially tax-deductible.

What about the funds I raise?

We hope you will be excited to share this journey with your friends and family. By participating, the funds you raise will support refugee job-seekers through housing, transportation, English language classes, job skills training, interview and resume preparation, and much more! Once we have your registration information and deposit, we'll send you materials that will be helpful as you ask people to partner. Donations will be a one-time amount and not per-mile. Keep in mind that some employers match gifts, so encourage your friends and family to check with their HR department to multiply their impact!

How can my friends and family donate toward my goal? 

Information coming soon! 

How will I get my bike to Seattle? Back to Seattle? Back to Tri-Cities? 

Rider and bike transportation will be available from Tri-Cities and Spokane to Seattle on the morning of June 21st. Rider and bike transportation will be provided back to Seattle and Tri-Cities on the evening of June 25th. We aim to have you home in time to be ready to go to work on Monday! (or stay home from work on Monday to soak in a hot tub?)

What if I can't finish? 

We're going to take care of our bodies and bikes as best we can, but if you are unforeseeably unable to finish the race--in whole or in part--you will be welcome to ride along in the support vehicle. The registration fee and funds raised will not be refunded.