Sewing Class Volunteer Role


Hillside Church and World Relief are thankful for your interest in volunteering with the Refugee Women’s Sewing Class!
Each class is rewarding experience for all of us and we learn so much in the process.


Interested in volunteering with the class? The first step is to fill out a volunteer application. We will review the application and then send you an access code to RSVP to a volunteer training.

All volunteers are required to attend a volunteer training, complete an application, and undergo a background checks before starting. At the training you will learn about World Relief's work, the refugees and immigrants we serve, and what it looks like to come alongside them as volunteers in different roles.


General Class Information

  • Classes meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-11:30 am for 6 weeks at a time. 

  • Volunteers commit to one day a week (or more) through the six week cohort. 

  • Prior to class, volunteers and students are required to attend an orientation to learn more about their roles.

  • Each class begins with 30 - 45 minutes of interactive English lessons where sewing vocabulary, skills and techniques are introduced and reviewed.

  • The rest of the class is spent making the projects that have been thoughtfully designed to fit the needs of the course.

  • Throughout the 6 weeks there are 5 projects: a pillow case, oven mitt, baby quilt, tote bag, and zippered pouch. 

  • The class includes a field trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics to get materials for the fourth project.

  • There is a celebration after the last day of class for all the students and volunteers!


Skills Needed

In order to ensure the success of the sewing class, we ask that our volunteers are able to do the following:

  • Thread a sewing machine

  • Wind a bobbin

  • Sew accurate ¼” seams, ½ “ seams, etc.

  • Make minor adjustments to sewing machine tension

  • Change the needle on a sewing machine

  • Be able to troubleshoot basic sewing machine malfunctions such as improper threading, bobbin inserted incorrectly, etc.

  • Use a ruler and rotary cutter safely and accurately. The instructor can help you if you do not have rotary cutting experience

  • Be willing to read project instructions at home prior to coming to class and (if possible) sew the project yourself


Volunteer Roles and Expectations

  • Attend at least one class a week for 6 weeks.

  • Comfortable engaging with participants who do not speak English.

  • Sensitive to cultural differences, especially in regards to touching and personal space.

  • Actively involved with the participants in class, engaging with them and encouraging them to learn the provided curriculum as well as increasing their knowledge of the English language.   

  • Willing to help participants follow the instructor’s directions even if it is different than your usual method. Consistency throughout the classroom will help to avoid confusion among the participants.

  • Attend a World Relief Volunteer Orientation AND a volunteer training class in the sewing room at Hillside Church prior to the start of the session. This class is mandatory even if you volunteered in a previous sewing session.

  • Pass a background check

  • Track all volunteer hours


Donate Supplies

We are also always in need of sewing materials to keep our class running, as well as sewing machines that are in good working conditions. Some of the material our class could benefit from are: 

  • Fabric scissors

  • 100% cotton quilting fabrics (fat quarters, ½ yard pieces or larger yardage)

  • Baby-themed flannel

  • Pastel flannel

  • New rotary cutter blades (Olfa 45mm)

  • Water soluble fabric marking pens

  • Sewing machines that are in good working order

  • New 12”x 16” pillow forms

  • Pellon Insul-Fleece or Insul-Bright Batting

  • Pellon Flex Foam 77 or By Annie Soft and Stable

  • Funds for machine maintenance

If you would like to donate materials, please contact Maris