All refugees must apply for a Social Security Card within 3-5 work days after arrival. Application for Social Security Cards is necessary in order to secure employment and receive government services and benefits.

Caseworkers will fill out the SS applications the night of the arrival or at the next day's home visit. 

  1. Before applying for a Social Security Card, World Relief will need to print the refugee's I-94 Card. World Relief will need the refugee's "PRM Letter" (which can be found in the white I.O.M.) so that they can access and print the I-94 Card. Assure that the I-94 card has been printed and is in the refugees possession before going to SSA. The I-94 card is usually available to print within 24hrs, but sometimes can take longer to show up in the system for printing.
  2. Locate the local Social Security Administration for the county where the refugee lives.  
  3. Make sure the refugee partners have their big white or blue I.O.M. bag and that their documents are inside (I-94 card, Medical Documents).
  4. Everyone needs to be at this appointment.
  5. Make sure you have appropriate car seats unless you are aware that the refugee family has them. Contact World Relief if you need to borrow car seats.


  1. When you arrive, take a ticket and wait until you are called.
  2. While you wait, pick up the social security application form for everyone in the family and fill it out (if it was not filled out in advance). "Foreign Born Social Security Number" is what you’re applying for. 
  3. Get the application receipt for each person. Double check the receipt and make sure that the names are spelled correctly. 
  4. Before leaving, make sure the refugees remember to bring their I.O.M. bag home.   


  1. Return the receipt or a copy of the receipt to the case manager. If you or someone in a Good Neighbor Team you are a part of will be taking the refugee partners to DSS, please make sure you have a copy of the receipt as well.