In the aftermath of the election, there is much that remains uncertain, but it is fair to say that there will be some direct implications for our work. What we know for certain is that God has called us to empower the local church to serve immigrants and refugees, and the mission and work of World Relief is as relevant and necessary as ever.


World Relief remains completely committed to standing with immigrants and refugees and we believe that this is a crucial time for churches to demonstrate to immigrants, to refugees and to their local communities the spirit of welcome which should characterize the people of God.  As we face the worst refugee crisis in modern history, we continue to seek new partnerships with churches, individuals and communities who seek to provide a welcome to refugees in America and solutions abroad. 


Let’s pray for courage to answer that call faithfully,

- Luke Williams, Interim Executive Director, World Relief Seattle 

The following is an excerpt from World Relief's President and CEO to the global staff of World Relief :

With the U.S. elections, America, and the rest of the world, is facing a time of major transition. There are things that we know and of which we are confident. Our commitment to our one mission with two mandates continues and is as strong as ever- we empower the local church and we serve the most vulnerable - including the foreign-born. The transitions and changes we are facing renew our commitment and resolve to empower the church to serve the most vulnerable around the world.
Our hope is not in government, politics, or the economy. Our hope is in the power of the church to bring about the realization of God's kingdom here on earth. That is our job. That is our mission.
Your work has never been more important.
In this together,
- Tim Breene, CEO
- Scott Arbeiter, President


In this moment in history, we invite you to respond by Advocating on behalf of our refugee and immigrant friends and Praying for their needs and the ministry of World Relief.