Refugees need your help now.




Refugees have fled persecution and violence to begin a new, safe life in America. Now, everything is uncertain. Stand with a refugee family today who is seeking safety in Seattle.

Since 1979, World Relief Seattle has welcomed more than 30,000 people fleeing violence and persecution, most of whom are women and children. As a result of decisions by the presidential administration, this vital service to refugees now faces an immediate $450,000 funding gap, threatening the future of refugees in Seattle.

Stand with us to help refugees who are able to arrive to Seattle and to speak up for those still in danger. Your support will protect critical refugee resettlement services and promote advocacy on refugees' behalf. 

You believe Seattle should continue to welcome refugees. $40 today provides critical services to a refugee entering Seattle. 



Your investment today will help preserve vital services for more than 1,000 refugees from 28 countries who arrived to the Seattle area in the last year.

The Turfa family from Iraq arrived to the Seattle area in 2016. Services for families like the Turfas are threatened by cuts to federal funding for refugee resettlement agencies. Read the Turfa family's story here.