Displacements are not just happening abroad, but also here within our borders as people are forced to flee their homes from the increasing frequency and intensity of fires, flooding, storms, and environmental contamination. Unfortunately, these and other environmental impacts are often felt disproportionally by people of color and the refugee and immigrant communities we serve.

World Relief Seattle is working to address these disparities right here in Kent, WA. We believe that one of the best places to start creating lasting, positive change often begins with the next generation. Therefore, working closely with our professional development partner Sustainability Ambassadors and other community members, we created paid internship opportunities that empower local refugee and immigrant youth in the Kent School District. These internships present students with opportunities to learn about local environmental solutions, becoming advocates for their community and educating the next generation.


A Living Laboratory

Along with existing as a community garden, Hillside Paradise Parking Plots is also a dynamic outdoor classroom. We have worked closely with Mill Creek Middle School to host science classes at the garden, teaching hands on lessons around gardening, food security, and community empowerment. Being only a 10-minute walk from the school, the garden is a real-world example of local environmental solutions!



Equity & Sustainability Internship

Our three World Relief Seattle Equity & Sustainability Interns collaborate to develop an integrated 4-week environmental curriculum. The lessons are modeled around concepts encountered at Hillside Paradise Parking Plots Community Garden. They cover topics ranging from rain water harvesting to plant biology. The interns then pilot these lessons by teaching them at World Relief Seattle’s Refugee Youth Summer Camp - a month-long language and STEM learning opportunity for refugee youth in grades K-8th. This multi-generational process challenges students to think systematically about environmental issues and the solutions that exist within their own communities.   


Project Manager Internship

Students often learn best from near-peers and those with similar life experiences. For this reason, we are proud to be offering a 10-month long Project Manager Internship throughout the year of 2020. This internship will equip a late high school or early college-aged student of refugee or immigrant descent to mentor our Equity & Sustainability Interns and become a local advocate for positive change in their community.


Does this get you excited? Know anyone who would be a perfect fit for our internship? Email Lucas McClish at Lmcclish@WR.org for more information about our programs.